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Natures Hut Wellness Centre offers:

Nutritional MicroscopyDiet Analysis and Natural Health Consultations with Darrell Wright, our certified Natural Health Consultant and Educator.

As well as Colon Hydrotherapy by; 

  - MaryAnn Sorokan (Colon Hydrotherapist)

  - Lorie Hounjet (Colon Hydrotherapist)

  You can also tone muscle and get an hour of work out benefits in just ten minutes by using our Vibration Machine.  Our friendly staff have over fifteen years of experience in the natural health field and can answer the many questions you may have. Come see us today and get started on the road to a healthy body and mind. 

About Nutritional Microscopy

   Using one of the most powerful light optical microscopy systems available our experienced microscopy technician may assist you in achieving your best possible state of health.  You will become educated in how your blood plays a major role in your well-being and the steps you can take to make positive changes in your life.  Our technician will describe what is seen, how it looks under regular and dark field microscopy, why each condition may appear, and what steps are recommended for improvement such as diet assessment and food use, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and herbal supplements, fitness and exercise, and other beneficial treatments that may assist you to achieve maximum results.

   The use of Nutritional Microscopy helps one to identify altered physiological processes.  By using Dark field and Phase contrast one can get a high resolution picture of many blood components including but not limited to red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, candida, parasites and heterogeneous plaque.  Using a microscope one can identify 40 different physiological risk factors such as large bowel flora, metal toxicity, and inflammation.

   Please be sure to fast 4 hours before each appointment as this ensures the accuracy of Nutritional Microscopy.

About Darrell Wright

   Darrell Wright, Microscopy Technician, has been practicing for over 20 years.  He has a prominent background in biochemistry and microbiology, his credentials are from "The Alternative Medicine College of Canada (AMCC)".  Darrell Wright is a certified Natural Health Consultant and Natural Health Educator.

   For initial appointments, please bring with you a food log of the last 3 days prior to your appointment.  This food log will be used for the "Diet Analysis" portion of your appointment.  In this food log include everything solid and liquid that you have consumed over these 3 days, this will include portion sizes as well.  Continue with regular eating habits as your diet can play a large part in the overall analysis of your health.

Colon Hydrotherapy:

   Our bodies can't always tell us what is going on inside.  That is why it is up to us to look at the symptoms or clues that our body gives us to figure out the root of the problem.  Some symptoms of a troubled colon include:

 Pot Belly
 Abdominal Discomfort
 Inability to Lose Weight
 Abnormal Body Odor
 Dark Circles Under Eyes

What to expect:

   The hydrotherapy treatment takes about 45 minutes, is performed in a private room prepared with a relaxing environment and attached washroom.  The client is fully draped in the clothes they came in up top and a clean pair of boxer shorts provided for you by the therapist to cover your bottom half.

   The treatment is performed by a fully trained Colon Therapist who uses individually packaged disposable treatment kits for each client.

   You begin by lying on your side on a padded table, then a small disposable, hygienic speculum is inserted into your rectum.  Water flows into the colon via a small water tube and leaves the colon through an evacuation tube - no mess, no fuss, no odor.  Treatments are kept completely confidential and your privacy is not compromised.

   The treatment is rarely painful.  Sometimes during the hydrotherapy session muscles of the colon contract, expelling considerable liquid and waste.  This contraction may feel like a slight cramp.  Overall the process is mild and gentle creating a light, empty feeling.

   A series of colon hydrotherapy treatments are often required to dislodge years of accumulated fecal plaque.  The condition of your colon will determine the number of treatments you require and can be discussed with your therapist.

To schedule an appointment with:

Darrell Wright, please call: 306.382.6411 Ext: 1

MaryAnn Sorokan, please call: 306.382.6411 Ext: 2

Lorie Hounjet, please call: 306.227.2866

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